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What Goes Around Comes Back and Hits you In the Face: School Talk

Hey hey hey! uhmm Just like before, we're gonna have the g-g-g-gossip section here! :D enjoy!

Oh... wow. Ri. Ri. Ri. Last year it was our poor Roberto, this year it is Ri. What trouble he is causing. Lets take a look at who Ri has dated this year: Shia, Rodreguez, and of course TB. Who new Ri was such a player! Well, its not really a question... a lot of people knew! lol Anyway, the latest bit of gossip I have just recieved from my most loyal gossip girl is about young Rodriguez. Evidently, she just recieved a new note from our man in the spotlight asking her a mysterious question. Unfortunately, I cannot release the details but, it is very heartbreaking in my opinion. And, hey, TB! At least you won't be worried about our Nerdy Rag Doll (NRD as I like to call her) cheating. :P Enough with Ri! I'm so fed up with all this stupid focus on one person. So, to move on... our next topic would be associated with Ri... RODREGUEZ. That's right. Does everyone need reminding of the uh... improperly-handled note about Shia... and people's not-liking of her. Evidently, some of the same girls who wrote that note to Shia did the same thing to Rodreguez... INCLUDING SHIA. That's messed up. Sorry, to all the gossip lovers, but I have to stop here. It looks like Shia is getting some vengance against what happened to her. Of course, she has other reasons not to like Rodriquez involving Ri, but we won't mention them.

Crush-Center! <3


Posted on May 16, 2009 8:50PM

NO WAY?!?!?!?


WOOT! The play was absolutely amazing. It was so totally fun.yeah... That's all I have to say.

Posted on May 22nd, 2008 4:55PM by: Chrystal